100% of all donations go towards the planting of 'Ōhi'a trees in urban Hawaii

By donating to the 'Ōhi'a Legacy Initiative, you help to pay for the materials our volunteers use to sprout, pot, and finally plant an 'Ōhi'a tree in the ground. Because these trees are relatively slow growing and their seeds are very small, it takes awhile before a seedling can grow into a sapling large enough to be planted. This means that constant care and watering is needed for seedlings. Once the seedling is large enough to plant, usually about 1-3 feet tall, the tree is available for placement. In some cases a optional fence and a plaque are installed around the tree to ensure it's safe from animals, children, and the errant weed whacker. We recommend that irrigation be installed or an existing system altered to ensure the sapling gets the right amount of water. Once an 'Ōhi'a tree is established in it's new home (about a year) it will require little maintenance. Plus, if it needs water, all you have to do is pick a flower to make it rain.

Ua kumu, ua pua, ua laha.

The 'Ōhi'a Legacy Initiative is a 501(c)(3) tax deductible charitable organization. All donations are greatly appreciated.